Wall Copings

  • Code
  • CO10105
    Coping 1-way 250mm
  • CO10110
    Coping 1-way 330mm
  • CO10121
    Coping 1-way 400mm (900mm Long)
  • CO10122
    Coping 1-way 450mm
  • CO10200
    Coping 1-way 550mm (600mm Long)
  • CO10202
    Coping 1-way 635mm (600mmLong)(100mm to 75mm)
  • CO10203
    Coping 1-way 760mm (600mm Long)
  • COF1800
    Coping Flat Top 180mm
  • COF2500
    Coping Flat Top 250mm
  • COF3300
    Coping Flat Top 330mm
  • COF4000
    Coping Flat Top 400mm
  • COF5500
    Coping Flat Top 550mm
  • Code
  • COF6000
    Coping Flat Top 600mm
  • COF7000
    Coping Flat Top 700mm
  • COFG400
    Coping Flat Gable 400mm
  • COP0300
    Coping Pointed 330mm
  • COP0320
    Coping Pointed 400mm
  • COP0330
    Coping Pointed 450mm
  • COS0007
    Coping Saddleback 175mm
  • COS0010
    Coping Saddleback 200mm
  • COS0020
    Coping Saddleback 250mm
  • COS0030
    Coping Saddleback 330mm
  • COS0040
    Coping Saddleback 380mm
  • COS0044
    Coping Saddleback 450mm (600mm Long)
  • COS0060
    Coping Saddleback 600mm (600mm Long)

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